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Which coffee for which preparation

The world of raw coffees, growing areas, varieties and processing is a fascinating world. But it can also be very confusing. As a decision-making aid, we have below you ideal combinations of coffees and preparation methods put together.

Kaffeebohne für Espresso

The perfect coffee for espresso

The perfect espresso is very full-bodied and balanced in sweetness and bitterness. It smells strong and slightly sweet and leaves a long-lasting, pleasant taste in the mouth. Typically, the Espresso uses natural-processed beans from Brazil, which give the coffee a nutty-chocolaty note or beans from Sumatra with a spicy yet sweet touch. Robusta coffee like the Indian parchment is often mixed under the beans as it adds more body and crema.

If you want to get involved in something new, we recommend a natural processed Ethiopian bean like Yirgacheffe. This coffee has a pronounced fruity acidity and tastes very sweet and refreshing. 

Kaffeebohne für Cappuccino

The perfect coffee for cappuccino

If you like your cappuccino with hints of nut and chocolate, we recommend the Bourbon Santos Bean from Brazil.

But because the fine milk foam makes the coffee significantly sweeter and it takes a lot of acidity, more acidic coffees taste great in cappuccino. The highland coffee from Guatemala, for example, is extremely nutty in cappuccino with a refreshing and very restrained citrus note.

Very fruity beans such as Castillo from Colombia fit in even in warmer seasons and make the cappuccino a real good-mood coffee. 

Kaffeebohne für Café Crème

The perfect coffee for Café Crème

In our opinion, Café Crème can handle less experiments than, for example, espresso or cappuccino. Coffees with a bit of sweetness and at the same time little acidity and a medium strong body fit best here: Bourbon Santos from Brazil (nutty-chocolaty) or Sumatra Takengon from Indonesia (herbal).

Excellent balance with very subtle notes of flowers and peach ice tea is the Sidamo coffee from Ethiopia. This bean gives the Café Crème a very special and very elegant note and is at the same time extremely harmonious.

Kaffeebohne für French Press

The perfect coffee for French Press

French Press gives the coffee a bit more body and a fuller feeling when drinking. The coffee tastes both black, as well as café au lait with milk. We recommend:

  1. Classic, mild and balanced with Bourbon Santos from Brazil
  2. Low acidity and at the same time spicy-fruity thanks to Maragogype from Colombia
  3. Invigorating citrus freshness from Pomelo thanks to Guatemala Delicia SHB
  4. Sweet and fruity with the dry-processed Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia
Kaffeebohne für Aeropress

The perfect coffee for Aeropress

Of course you can prepare any coffee with the Aeropress. However, we assume that you as Aeropress drinkers are already a little deeper in specialty coffee and therefore also looking for something with a little more fruit and sweetness. Therefore, we recommend the dry-processed Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia with berries, apple and chocolate as well as the Castillo from Colombia with more tropical fruits.

Spicy, but at the same time sweet and very well balanced, Sumatra Takengon from Indonesia also tastes great with Aeropress.

Bohne für Filterkaffee

The perfect coffee for pour over / filter

For pour over coffee, you can take the more delicate beans, because you take more time to drink the pour over coffee and so you can get involved in the fine taste of specialty coffees. Very elegant and harmonious is the Ethiopian Sidamo with floral and at the same time slightly fruity notes of white peach. Castillo from Colombia tastes refreshing after tropical fruits. Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia is even sweeter and tastes of berries and chocolate.

Excellent as pour over coffee tastes the exclusive Gesha coffee from Colombia, with a pronounced jasmine blueberry note. 

Bohne für Bialetti Moka Kanne

The perfect coffee for Bialetti Espresso Maker

The Bialetti espresso maker gives a full and strong taste. Make sure you use it properly so that the coffee does not burn and become bitter.

For the Bialetti cooker, also called Moka Kanne, the two round and harmonious all-rounder beans are perfect: Bourbon Santos from Brazil with a nutty-chocolaty and Sidamo from Ethiopia with a floral-fruity note. Maragogype beans bring you in the Bialetti cooker a low-acid and at the same time very spicy-fruity coffee. If you like it more refreshing with a pomelo citrus note, we recommend the SHB from Guatemala.

Kaffeebohne für Cold Brew

The perfect coffee for Cold Brew

In the Cold Brew process, less bitter substances are dissolved and the coffee has less acidity and less bitterness than other coffees. We therefore recommend that you take a coffee with very distinct, delicate flavours that can fully develop in the Cold Brew. The Sidamo from Ethiopia tastes very harmonious and balanced.

The Castillo from Colombia tastes of super fruity and refreshing with hints of tropical fruit and blackberries as well as the natural Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia with notes of strawberry and apple.

Ingo Albrecht Kaffee

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