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Books, Courses, Weblinks on Coffee

There is a lot of inspiration and knowledge about coffee. When it comes to roasting, it's getting harder to find good information and tips. Below we put together some books, courses, websites and the like that we like.

Books about coffee and roasting


The Coffee Atlas by James Hoffmann

Currently one of our favorite books. Above all, the super interesting overview of all production countries with background information on coffee production and special features in each country as well as its most important growing regions. The different types of coffee, their cultivation and processing are very well described and documented with beautiful pictures. In addition, an explanation of the various ways in which coffee is prepared.


The coffee book by Anette Moldvaer

Beautifully designed book, which is fun to read and look at. All growing areas are presented with the most important information and typical coffee varieties. Preparation methods are presented with very simple instructions and the background information on cultivation, preparation and tasting, including the flavor wheel, is very clear and inviting.


The coffee book for beginners, professionals and freaks by Johanna Wechselberger and Tobias Hierl

This book covers almost every topic that has to do with coffee. This also includes topics such as coffee classification, blending, grinding, coffee culture in various countries with recipes and coffee tasting. Above all, however, many tips for barista.


Coffee roasting at home by Claus Fricke

Claus Fricke is a pioneer of home roasting in Germany. His passion for coffee and roasting becomes clear in the book. He brings a lot of knowledge and information to the history of home roasting, the coffee industry, the different types of coffee, roasting, etc. A book you should know and read. Claus Fricke is also the German importer of the Gene Café Heimröster and therefore describes its function in great detail. Especially beautiful are also his pictures of the course of a whole roast, where you can compare the different roasting degrees with your beans.


The Coffee Roaster's Companion by Scott Rao

It has become a standard work on coffee roasting. You will often hear about Scott Rao's three "laws" in discussions with roasters. He himself sees it more as recommendations, which, however, in years of experience as a coffee consultant have already helped many roasters to massively improve their coffee.


Modulating the flavor profile of Coffee by Rob Hoos

This book is especially recommended if you want to get a little deeper into the subject of roasting. Rob Hoos, an experienced roaster from the USA, has examined various roasting curves in a very structured manner using several roasting phases in order to work out which coffee is ideally roasted in which phase and how.


The Book of Roast by The Roast Magazine

The book includes several articles from Roast Magazine as well as a few articles written especially for the book or newly revised. It is large and extensive and covers a lot of knowledge for roasters - from cultivation to the cup.


Coffee - A comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry

A collection of scientific papers on a wide range of topics related to coffee, business, cultivation, trade, producer countries, consumer countries, history, quality, health. Hardly any pictures and rather demanding to read. In each article you will find an extensive list of literature, if you would like to delve further.

Courses for roasters and coffee lovers


The Kaffeemacher in Basel-Münchenstein

The Kaffeemacher offer a whole range of courses and training. From coffee sensory to barista, latte art and brewing courses to very specific wells such as a water course. Above all, they are the only ones we have found to offer a course for home roasters. The trainers are not only enthusiastic coffee aficionados who are passionate about the coffee trade, but they are also all long-standing professionals in their field with titles at national and international championships.


The Coffee Lab in Zürich

The Coffee Lab is a modern training centre with a wide range of courses - from barista handicraft to sensor technology and latte art. It is aimed at home baristas as well as gastronomes and coffee professionals. The courses are run by Milo Kamil, the multiple Swiss Latte Art Champion and Nina Rimpl, the Swiss Barista Champion of 2014.


Blasercafé in Bern

Blasercafé offers a range of barista and latte art courses. And on the other hand - especially for roasters exciting - green coffee courses, as well as sensory courses and a so-called Coffee Surfer course, which illuminates all aspects and stages from the bush to the cup. What is exciting about Blasercafé is that they themselves have a very broad and deep knowledge, as they trade coffee (Blaser Trading) on the one hand, and roast and sell coffee themselves for the catering trade and end customers (Blasercafé) on the other. You also run our own café roastery with freshly roasted speciality coffees.


The Bonner Kaffeeschule in Bonn

The Bonner Kaffeeschule offers courses for home baristas as well as caterers and coffee professionals. They cover the Coffee Diploma program of SCA from Sensory to Barista / Brewing and of course also Latte Art. The Bonn Coffee School sees itself as part of the Third Wave Coffee Movement and attaches great importance to quality. The courses are usually conducted by Mark Czogalla, Master Coffeologist and Authorized Trainer of SCA.


Coffee Culture in Basel-Hölstein

Coffee Culture is a lovingly run coffee museum where you learn that there have been some coffee lovers before you. Coffee roasters and coffee makers such as siphons and the like from several hundred years and all countries of the world. Managing director Anita Vietri loves coffee, that's obvious. But as a food technologist, she also knows a lot about it. It offers a variety of courses for roasters and barista and adapts them to individual requirements.


Coffee Courses

An English language online training program. Coffee Courses consists of almost 240 videos and articles:

  • Coffee Roasting Theory
  • Mastering Roast Profiles
  • Advanced Roasting
  • Art of Blending
  • Coffee Quality Analysis
  • Coffee at Origin
  • Direct Trade Coffee
  • Basic Barista Skills

Websites for Roasters



The Kaffee-Netz is the community for everyone who loves coffee. The focus is on barista forums with many discussions about espresso machines or tampers as well as grinders and grinders. At the same time a sector for green coffee and home roasting. The discussion participants have often tried out many years of experience in home roasting and converted their roasters into small laboratories. So don't be frightened if the discussions are on a technically too high level for you. Even as a beginner you will find a lot of information and the participants are usually very helpful. 



The name says it all: like a Wikipedia, simply full of coffee knowledge. With a focus on preparing barista / coffee, but also exciting information and links for us roasters, e.g. description of coffees by origin but also tangible roasting tips.



An English-language industry magazine for roasters, full of information, tips and knowledge about coffee, cultivation, quality, roasting,... You can subscribe to it either as a printed magazine or as an online magazine. Old issues and many reports are also available online.

The Daily Coffee News also keeps you up to date on what's going on in the world of roasters.


SCA - Speciality Coffee Association

This is the network and community of interests of all those involved in any way with speciality coffee in Europe: Coffee importers, roasters, baristas, restaurateurs and retailers.

On the international site of SCA you will find news and events as well as various online tools and a shop where you can buy books and roasting equipment.

On the Swiss site of the SCA you will find an overview of members and thus many links to other coffee lovers in Switzerland. In addition, announcements of events, news from the Swiss specialty coffee world and links to coffee training courses.

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