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We love fresh food. We love them without flavour enhancers and without big frills. At a brunch with homemade bread, freshly roasted granola and elderflower confit from the garden we thought for the first time about what it would be like to roast our coffee ourselves. We started to read, toast, fiddle around and slurp. And soon she had caught us completely, the world of coffee, roasting and the almost 1001 flavours. Since then our garden breakfasts have been enriched by a small coffee trip around the world.


And we're rebelling!

We rebel against the fact that coffee is only drunk as a fast stimulant. So dark roasted that we don't notice any differences. With lots of milk and sugar stretched so that it's drinkable. We fight for coffee to be drunk with all our senses. For tasting the differences and character and thus all the work and love that the farmers put into the cultivation and processing of the beans.



Iced coffee in a plastic bag from the coffee motorcycle in the alleys of Bangkok, Japanese siphon coffee in Shibuya or a "three africans blend" in the Blue Bottle Café at the Ferry Building in San Francisco - Ingo certainly won't miss a coffee experience. When he is at home, he comforts his wanderlust and roasts the world into a cup. Where others have the wine, he has a few bags of green coffee and while the others are meditating, he watches the beans turning in the roaster. Favourite coffee: a Maytama Castillo by Patricia Builes as Cold Brew.

SCA educated roaster.

Member of Speciality Coffee Association
Member of Roasters Guild of Europe



Coffee has to taste good, that's for sure. Just as important is the place where she drinks coffee, the cup in which coffee is served, the people sitting there and of course the stories they tell. She loves "Café con Libres", for example in Powell's City of Books in Portland - the world's largest and greatest bookstore. Or "Café con Karma", for example at Eco Deli on the Indonesian island of Nusa Lembongan, which, in addition to delicious coffee, also has a recycling point and free clean drinking water for the entire island. And not to forget: an "Café con Arte". This is especially the case at Blikje Button in Tokyo, when there are little books in front of her that were lovingly painted by all the previous visitors. She is a marketing woman and travel blogger. Favourite coffee: a Café au Lait from the French Press with a floral sidamo.

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