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Green coffee preparation

Trend drink green coffee - effect and preparation

Celebrated as a slimming agent or as a very stomach-compatible caffeinated drink, green coffee is finding more and more followers. Here's how to make green coffee.

Above all, the high proportion of chlorogenic acid should reduce weight and bring other health-promoting effects. The green coffee is therefore sold as an extract in pill form or in teabags or open to pour over.

Whether that is so true and you lose weight of green coffee, we can not judge. But the infusion itself tastes good - it reminds a bit of herbal or fennel tea. Because it also contains caffeine, it is a very light and wholesome pick-me-up. 

Recipe for a homemade green coffee

1.) Mince 10 grams of raw coffee beans

Take a strong shredder, but by no means your coffee grinder! The hard beans would break your mill.

2.) Pour about 200ml of hot water (about 90 °) over the raw coffee

Wait about 10 minutes.

3.) Run the whole thing through a sieve or a filter

And done. You can also combine the green coffee with other herbs, such as peppermint, or sweeten it with a little honey.

Green, unroasted coffee beans
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