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Green coffee storage

Store raw coffee properly

you can easily store green coffee for months. What you need to keep in mind so that it stays fresh and intact, you will learn here.

How long you can store raw coffee, the expert opinions differ. Some talk about 3 to 5 years, or even think that the coffee gets better with time. Others, in turn, believe that the essential oils and thus many flavours will be lost over time.

In any case, green coffee can easily be stored for several months. The coffee should be as dark as possible, between 5 and 20 degrees at a constant temperature as possible and not too humid or too dry stored. If you open the coffee resp. If you store in a bag or container that is not airtight, it is important that enough air circulates and that you do not store the coffee next to food or other stuff that smells strong. Because the coffee can accept the smell.

Store roasted coffee properly

In our experience, roasted coffee tastes best 3 to 10 days after roasting. Then he gets flat. You should store the roasted coffee in a dark, hermetically sealed can or bag - at best with an aroma protection valve. Fill as much coffee as possible in your mill or your fully automatic, as you need right now.

If possible, drink ground coffee for 30 minutes after grinding.

So, if you want to enjoy coffee with all its nuances, flavours and aromas, then you should either buy it from a small roasting company that tells you where it comes from, what's in it and when it was roasted - or just roast it yourself! 

Ingo Albrecht Kaffee

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