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Reagent for CA-700
Reagent for CA-700
Disposable sensor for measuring caffeine and chlorogenic acid in coffee. Compatible with Lighttells CA-700 caffeine & chlorogenic acid meter.
Content 1 Piece
CHF8.90 *
Lighttells MD-500 Moisture & Density Analyzer
Lighttells MD-500
Compact, high-precision moisture and density analyzer for unroasted and roasted coffee beans, coffee cherries and parchment coffee.
Content 1 Piece
CHF1,790.00 *
Lighttells CM-100+ Roast Degree Analyzer
Lighttells CM-100+
Compact, high-precision colourimeter for determining the degree of roasting of whole bean and ground beans.
Content 1 Piece
CHF1,790.00 *
Lighttells CM-200 Roast Degree & Ground-Size Analyzer
Lighttells CM-200
High-precision analyser for determining the degree of roasting, the colour distribution as well as the particle sizes of the grinds
Content 1 Piece
CHF2,790.00 *
Lighttells CA-700 Caffeine & CGA Analyzer
Lighttells CA-700
Meter for analysing the caffeine and chlorogenic acid in coffee with results in one minute.
Content 1 Piece
CHF2,790.00 *
Lighttells AW-600 Water Activity Analyzer
Lighttells AW-600
Compact, high-precision measuring instrument for determining the water activity of unroasted coffee samples.
Content 1 Piece
CHF2,890.00 *

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Lighttells measuring devices: Perfect coffee enjoyment thanks to precise analysis

High coffee quality depends on many factors: The raw coffee beans, the roasting and the preparation. No wonder, each of these steps is well planned by coffee producers, roasters and baristas and nothing is left to chance. Knowledge is power - this also applies to good coffee! Lighttells' analysis tools are tried and tested coffee analysis tools. They enable roasters, home roasters and people in coffee purchasing and quality assurance to identify the optimal conditions for each step in coffee production and thus create the best possible coffee. The tools are also very popular for roasting for coffee championships.

With the Lighttells analysis tools, raw and roasted coffee beans are precisely analysed and controlled: Roast colour, degree of roast, roast uniformity, density and moisture content as well as water activity and the content of caffeine and CGA are measured easily and quickly.

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